What is the vibe of your home?

The winter holidays are coming and we are all in a constant state of restlessness.

Everything must be clean and beautifull when guests or friends are coming over, and all of the shoppings must be finished on time, so that nothing is missig from the table and under the beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Stress reaches its peak, excitement is 110%, and I often wonder, how can we resist to such rythm?
Well, living in a house where all elements are balanced, helps us to „recharge our batteries”, sleep well after a busy day, and also helps us to really feel we can start over the next day.

What’s your house like? What are its vibrations?

Do you have a peaceful, restful and relaxing sleep, or do you sleep restlessly and when you wake up in the morning you feel very tired? If so, don’t think about it anymore!
Contact me, and let’s schedule a Feng Shui consultation; I will help you improve the vibrations of your home and balance its energies. If necessary, we can even clean it of any negative energies.

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