Harmonize Your Space: Feng Shui Services for Balanced Living

Feng Shui for home

I like to say that behind every door there is a history, and every house has its own history.

Each of us contributes to the arrangement of the interior of our house, so that we can obtain the desired comfort. In many cases this contribution can instead lead to energy imbalances, which intensifying over time, increase our predisposition to certain conditions, events, or diseases.

It is very important in this Feng Shui art of decorating and arranging the house to achieve the balance between the 5 elements: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. It is equally important to know how to decorate our home so that each of these elements is represented in one way or another, for example a fountain becomes the symbol of water in a room without windows, just like the color blue on one of the armchairs in the same room represents the same symbol.

A timely Feng Shui analyșis is the smallest investment we can make to harmonize our lives. We will look together what kind of improvements we shall bring to your house, for all of the inhabitants, and the well-being of those who live in it.

If you want to decorate your new home according to Feng Shui principles, or if you don't know why certain things happening to you to are inexplicable, stop thinking. Book a consultation, and let's start transforming your home and life.

Feng Shui for business

Career is a very important part in our life, giving us stability and economic independence. The life of an entrepreneur brings with it many challenges. To succeed in developing a business as prosperous as possible, in a harmonious work environment, with employees you can rely on, are just some of these challenges.

Our workplace is our second home, where we spend almost half of our time. A chaotic environment, without transactions, and with employees who do not feel well, leads sooner or later to bankruptcy. That is why it is very important to improve the flow of the environment (Qi), harmonizing and balancing it. Successful businesses benefit from a harmonious, efficient, and well-organized work environment.

Feng Shui is a centuries-old practice that when applied, brings balance and harmony to any environment. The business world is turning more and more often to this practice to improve its turnover figures. Giants such as Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, British Airways, Bank of America, Federal Express, Oprah Winfrey, Panasonic are just a few companies that use Feng Shui more and more often. Imagine how easily you can achieve the same level of success in your business by simply applying the classic tools of Feng Shui. A timely Feng Shui analysis is the smallest investment you can make to boost your business.

Let's SEE how your business environment is! Let's NOW improve it for a better professional ascent! Let's OPEN the doors to new customers! Let's INVITE new transactions and profitable business in your company! Let's INSPIRE employees and increase their performance! Schedule a consultation and let's start the ASCENSION of your business by simply using the complex tools of Feng Shui. Let's STIMULATE ENERGIES to ATTRACT ABUNDANCE!

Feng Shui for garden

The garden is for me an oasis of freedom and inspiration where fantasy and creation have no limits. Similar is the balcony only that it is on a smaller scale.

Cicero once said: "If you have a garden and a library, you don't need anything." And that's how it is; the garden is the place that you can transform into your story place as you dream and wish, where design and practicality complement each other.

The garden also has its own energy, and even more, it is desirable to be the harmonious display of the energy of the earth and the energy of the Universe. The balance between these energies is very important, taking into account that in this place we spend part of the day during the whole year; here we let our children play, here we often serve our meals or pick fruits and vegetables that we enjoy eating. Hence it is very important that the energies of this place are good and beneficial to us, both visually and for our entire body and organism. Our garden should be our oasis of regeneration, breathing, inspiration, and charging with positive Qi energy. I am inviting you NOW, with my help, to create your own story and oasis of relaxation, based on your vision and according to Feng Shui principles.

Every day we touch and use objects with a high level of radiation and magnetism, objects which are surrounding us. We are stepping on many so-called "Curry lines", which are forms of geopathic stress, earth radiation or pulsating energies coming from inside the earth's core. These lines run in a grid pattern across our earth and latitudes at intervals of approximately 4 meters. And since we are talking about pulsating energies, the thickness of the lines varies between approximately 20 - 80 cm. Curry lines are therefore around us all the time, and we cannot elude them. It is not dangerous to move through this radiation of the earth, but we must avoid spending a lot of time on a Curry line, and especially on the intersections of these Curry lines called "Curry crosses".

I am inviting you NOW to organize your oasis of relaxation together with me, giving your outdoor space all the functionality you need.

Interior Design & Decorating

Interior design and decoration require creativity, perseverance, and the observance of certain technical knowledge.

Essential foundations for interior decoration can be found in a series of details that include color, or in accessories, lighting objects, windows and walls treatments, textiles, or various other materials intended for interiors. All these being only complements to their own historical styles and space planning. Interior design implies a more realistic PLANNING of the desired space (bedroom, living room, child's room, bathroom or kitchen), PURCHASING of suitable materials, and project EXECUTION.

My skills in this field and my COACHING experience combined with your ideas will make it possible to create the new space in a modern and refined form, as you want it.

Our collaboration will only take place remotely (online), and my COACHING IN DESIGN services consist in finding, developing and highlighting the desired style, amplified by accessory proposals, as well as a possible feasible project planning. The Project Manager in our design project will be you. The fruit of this collaboration will become your "vignette". My active role as an interior decorator coach, is to give you some advice, help with details, and feed-backs during the established period of time, to turn your ideas into a concrete form.

MY SUCCESS is YOUR SUCCESS! Respecting the deadlines and all the pre-established agreements will lead to the creation of the desired room/space, which, in addition to its beauty and functionality, will also be an inspiring space admired by many.

Contact me NOW and let's start OUR COLLABORATION and BUILDING your new PROJECT! All depending on your wishes and needs.

Home Staging & Redesign

Home staging is a very important part of the real estate industry, becoming increasingly popular both for individuals who want to sell their home, but also for real estate agencies.

The secret behind the scene of this job is “the staging" of your property, to look the best with a relatively small investment. My goal is to shorten the time to sell the property, and to attract the best possible price.

In many countries redesigning the property before the sale is both practical and important. A growing number of property owners know and appreciate the importance of "staging", looking to hire professional organizers to arrange their homes before putting them up for sale on the real estate market. ARE YOU INTENDING TO SELL YOUR PROPERTY NOW?

My experience in Home Staging combined with COACHING and together with you, will make possible to create a new living space for a wide range of potential buyers. Our collaboration will only take place remote (online), and my COACHING IN HOME STAGING services consist in DEVELOPING a clear plan TO DEPERSONALIZE the space you want to sell, and TO REDECORATE it.

Together we will DECLUTER the space, and we will find the right colors and accessories that will highlight the new style. The Project Manager in our staging and redesign project will be you. The result of our collaboration is the "presentation" of a new property adapted for any type of buyer.

My active role as a home stager and interior redecorator coach is to help you through clear advice, details and feed-backs during the agreed period of time, to transform your sale item into an easily salable product. Contact me NOW and let's begin OUR COLLABORATION for the QUICK SALE of your property! INVEST TIME now in the REMODELING project of your property BEFORE SELLING IT. Let's make your new experience a true SUCCESS!

Colour Consulting

"Color is my daylong obsession, joy, and torment. " (Claude Monet).
Color represents for me a collection of feelings and a way of translation into an artistic language.

The intensity of your feelings and the amplitude of energies from a certain moment translated into colors, create the color palette that we use both for your clothing and environment. Color invites us to feel comfortable, and it is also personal. It inspires our creativity, is our connection with nature and tells a lot about what kind of person we are.

Color also helps us to transform boring, unattractive and dull rooms into interesting, harmonious spaces filled with character. From the color of the wall paint or the facade of the house, to the accessories used or decorative plants, each element in itself is a little story. Good taste only teaches us to know how to use our favorite color palette to achieve coherence and balance in the space we want. What kind of STYLE do you prefer? What is YOUR favorite COLOR PALETTE?

Which color represents you? What sort of PERSONALITY do you have? How do you CHOOSE colors for the INTERIOR or EXTERIOR of the home you live in?

Let's know each other and travel together in this wonderful world of colors, according to your personality and spirit. Let's create together the palette that represents you the best, and will give you harmony and peace of mind. Life is wonderful when the color palette used in its story is cheerful.

Authorized translator and interpreter for Swedish-Romanian and Romanian-Swedish
I am offering my services as an authorized translator and interpreter from Swedish to Romanian and from Romanian to Swedish all over Europe.

I am licensed as a translator in Sweden (by Kammarkollegiet) and in Romania (by Ministry of Justice) as well. With over 15 years of experience as a translator my experience is applicable in various fields such as: legal, immigration, social, labor, economic, literary, technical, scientific, medical, etc. I lived for over 22 years in the Swedish society, learning to understand the nuances of the language, a fact that helps me make very accurate translations. Do you need an authorized translation in one of these European languages? Do not hesitate to contact me, you will definitely be extremely satisfied!

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