Order in disorder

Many times, my house looks like after an “uprising”. And this “many times” can be repeated quite regularly, at fairly short time intervals. Thinking of a comparison, it’s like the same story being written over and over again, without a trace of completion. Which produces a feeling that becomes as frustrating as it is discouraging. And when this feeling takes over the house more and more often, the cluttering becomes its editing. And since my home story gets written again and again, decluttering seems like a never-ending task.
Do you also recognize this pattern?
The reward of organizing your space when clutter seems like an overwhelming task is that in the end, the house will only contain the things we really need, the things that serve us. We will be surrounded only by the things that we really need and please us. Because just like editing, once the extra or useless stuff is deleted, only the good stuff remains, the stuff that makes us happy in one way or another.
But how do we “order the clutter”, or how do we get rid of the old things that we just keep and that we don’t really need? Keep what you need and what makes you happy, but don’t treat your home like a warehouse. By removing the clutter, the things that no longer serve us at the moment, and by ordering the space, we actually make room for new energies, at much higher frequencies, energies that we introduce into our home, along with something new bought that makes us happy.
Choose to tidy up, select the things that you consider necessary “now”, arrange them nicely according to their usefulness, and pack up and donate the things that are no longer useful to you. Then reward and get yourself a gift you’ve wanted for a while, but didn’t buy it because you didn’t know where to place it.
And never forget that the beautiful part of a gift is besides the act of receiving, the act of giving!
Simple & Natural

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