About me

I am Cecilia Hortenzia Blaga,

and I like to describe myself as an intuitive, creative, energetic, and empathic person. As a child, I studied among others at the fine arts school as well, its footprint helping me to understand beauty in the smallest detail. And as every "beauty" has its own energies, even as a child I was attracted and felt different inexplicable energies, which over time I learned to understand, looking at them now and when I need them as a blessing.

And I want you to know that I adore the Nature with everything that belongs to it, everything that is simple and natural. Many times I just like to be only me, breathing the air, smelling the grass, taking an unconditioned walk, observing the wind and just feeling the emotions of this fascinating, natural world. My only way to find my own clarity and inner balance is to return to Mother Nature.

The paths of my life took me to beautiful countries and wonderful places, where I met fantastic people, who taught me their cultures and traditions. I have a degree in computer science from Romania and I have extensive knowledge in the field of marketing and sales obtained both in Romania and in Greece. In Sweden I studied and diversified my professional experience in fields such as human resources, coaching, project coordinator with European funds applicable in various sectors, but also as an authorized translator and Feng Shui consultant. The hard months that we all had in Covid made me understand how important the harmony around us is, and how much we all need this “beautiful”. I followed my heart and in the last years when I lived in Canada, I deepened my knowledge in the aesthetic field even more.

From all of these places I learned to UNDERSTAND how important is to love Nature, to RESPECT it, and to live in as much as perfect HARMONY with it. I always choose my inspiration from the SHAPES, SMELLS, and enchantment of COLORS with which Nature always surprises me.
Being born under the Scorpio sign, I am always fascinated by mystery and contrasts; I love the ENERGY of the morning and the MAGIC of the night, I admire the PERFECTION of time or the most IMPERFECT habit, I adore VITALITY but I fear the “chaos” that many of us choose to be companion in a period of life. Why? Because for various reasons we choose stagnation and limitation.

I’M HERE, NOW, FOR YOU! I am HERE to help you rediscover yourself and TOGETHER let’s make the small changes that will produce big transformations. SIMPLE and NATURAL for a new, harmonious, and balanced life.
That’s why I invite you NOW to my world, and rest assured that together your WORLD will regain the BALANCE and ENERGY you want. My joy is always to collaborate with clients who invest in their well-being and harmony.
Let’s do the changes together! Let’s embark on this journey together!

I am therefore waiting for you to create your new environment together, according to your needs, and with the help of this wonderful science called Feng-Shui.

Cecilia Hortenzia Blaga

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