Flowers and Interiors

Flowers&Interiors: Flowers are one of the most important “elements” to have in our home. They symbolize freshness, for some of us happiness, but they all add color to our interiors.In many cultures, if a flower blooms on the first day of the new year, it is a sign of great luck and prosperity throughout the …

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Happy Li Chun!

Happy Li Chun!

Happy Li Chun! Today at 16:25 the new energy of the year Jia Chen will appear according to the solar calendar. According to the lunar calendar, the Chinese New Year starts on February 10, 2024.The Chinese tradition calls for us to put at least 9 juicy tangerines or oranges near the entrance or on the …

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Wide appeal kitchen

The kitchen is the space where nobody likes to compromise. I like to say that this room is the heart of the home, and every choice we make for this space matters more than we can think. It takes a higher priority than virtually any other room even for potential buyers when it’s time to …

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Unconventional bathrooms

I adore unconventional bathrooms, and bold ones are my favorites. As an interior designer and decorator, I enjoy working with clients who are looking for “something different” and something “extra”. The remarkable difference between the classic and the unconventional style is found not only in the superior quality of the materials, but especially in the …

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Colors and Scents

Variants of colors, fruits, flowers, candles, leaves or spices – how amazingly rich a festive table that makes you feel good can be. This luxurious creation brings us positive vibes and emotions through a natural sense of appreciation.May this creation bring you a multitude of positive moments in this New Year 2024!And remember that everything …

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What is the vibe of your home?

What is the vibe of your home? The winter holidays are coming and we are all in a constant state of restlessness. Everything must be clean and beautifull when guests or friends are coming over, and all of the shoppings must be finished on time, so that nothing is missig from the table and under …

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Order in disorder

Order in disorder Many times, my house looks like after an “uprising”. And this “many times” can be repeated quite regularly, at fairly short time intervals. Thinking of a comparison, it’s like the same story being written over and over again, without a trace of completion. Which produces a feeling that becomes as frustrating as …

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We are so small in the Universe

We are so small in the Universe and it is enough to look at these Sequoia trees. To me they represent wood, and in Feng Shui wood symbolizes growth and development, and is represented by plants, shrubs or by the green color. However, too much wood energy can make us impatients, or even aggressive and …

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