I am Cecilia Hortenzia Blaga Feng Shui Consultant

Create a Balanced Environment
 for a Happy Life

Simple & Natural

“Our surroundings shape our consciousness, it impacts how we think and feel”
Annette Kurtz
About me

Feng Shui Consultant and Translator

HELLO and WELCOME into my world!

You should definitely BE HERE now, and I’m glad to meet you.

I strongly believe that my mission in this world is to balance the disagreements between energies, to create harmonious and sustainable environments, simple and natural.
Einstein once said: “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it (…)”.

For me, energy is Yin-Yang, the perfection and harmony between contrasts at the best possible vibrational level, their balance of energy conferring our well-being. How do you feel the energy of the environment in which you live now? What kind of imbalances do you feel in your body? What have you been trying to do for a long time and you can’t? What are your future plans?

Your comprehensive answer to just one of these questions confirms the need to balance the environment in which you live, breathe or carry out your activity. The purpose of my services is to help you tune into the reality you want, so that you can feel the joy and beauty of life again, start living again the way you dream, the way you want.

My intention does not consist in changing your style, but your style in the new space to generate a new energy, with a stronger flow.

I am therefore waiting for you to create your new environment together, according to your needs, and with the help of this wonderful science called Feng-Shui.


The Chinese practices of Feng Shui have been traced back to 960 B.C. The pseudoscientific philosophy has immensely impacted the historical evolution of the provinces in China. These Feng Shui tips have been passed on through generations to maintain harmony between man and nature.

"If before the Feng-shui consultation when I got home I felt lack of energy, apathetic and I was in a continuous conflict with my teenage son, now after balancing the energies and rearranging the living space, the result is more than satisfactory. HOME has become a pleasant place where I feel relaxed, energetic and the relationship with my boy has become easier. All thanks to the professional advice and suggestions, the availability and the involvement that I have benefited from. Thank you Cecilia!"
"Cecilia visited me at a time when I was going through a period when I was very tired, apathetic and even had a cold for several days. She felt the energy of the house and suggested that I make some small changes in the house. From those small changes, after a careful and professional Feng Shui consultation that she did, my house was transformed! Along with this transformation, my mood also changed. I feel full of energy, relaxed, in harmony and joy. My financial situation has improved . Recently, a friend visited me who, as soon as she entered, exclaimed: "how beautiful you are!" This BEAUTIFUL is the energy of the house. It's a different energy that you can't help but feel. I just changed the place of the furniture, the colors and added as many recommended objects. Even my flowers feel this energy."
Gabriela Tas
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